Steve Mandanda wants to finish his career at Marseille

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, 35-year-old French international goalkeeper Steve Mandanda admitted that he wants to finish his career at current club Marseille.

“I am very attached to the club. I am the player who has played the most matches in Marseille history (549 in all competitions), that’s not nothing, when one knows the difficulties of amassing staying power in football. I love the club, I love the city, I love everything that comes with it. My desire, of course, is to finish my career here, but I am not the only decider on this matter.”

On talks about a possible contract extension (current deal expires in June 2021):

That will stay between us (Marseille President Eyraud). But I repeat, that’s what I want, to stay here for a long time still.

On whether he’d like to convert into a coaching role at the end of his OM career, like Dimitri Payet has hashed out an agreement with the club to do:

That is something very personal. I struggle to think about the end of my career, of course I am closer to the end than I am to the beginning, but I don’t see myself in the after football world, I am still entirely focused on the pitch. I still need that. I still have, for the moment, another season to extract as much joy as possible.

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