WWE SmackDown Live Results (7/3): Team Hell No vs The Usos, SAnitY Attacks New Day & More!

WWE Smackdown Results
July 3, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for

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Renee Young kicks off SmackDown Live as she welcomes both Kane and Daniel Bryan to the ring to start things off. Daniel Bryan says the beautiful thing about their relationship is that sometimes they fight and sometimes they hug, but together they always deliver and they are unstoppable. Kane adds they stood toe to toe against the Shield and says they’ve been through hell together, but they are back and better than ever.

Kane says Bryan sometimes has a bit of a temper and said he knew that he wouldn’t be able to let that go after the Bludgeon’s attacked him, so he knew he would need to help him, adding that Bryan always has a Demon watching his back. Bryan then claims that at Extreme Rules they will become the new Tag Team Champions though he said he remembers Kane trying to end his career last time they were in the ring.

Kane said they have had their differences but he has always Bryan’s back and the two begin a major “Yes, No” back and forth, but that argument is broken up by The Usos. They claim that the tag team division just got hot, but they say that Team Hell No don’t deserve a shot at the tag team championships as they have the division on lock.

Daniel Bryan says that the fact they hugged isn’t why they got a title shot and challenges The Usos to a match right now but Kane says they need to consider this. Now Paige has arrived and said it’s her role to do what’s right for the WWE Universe which is why Team Hell No will be getting a shot at the titles, but tonight they will face The Usos in the main event. She adds that if The Usos win they will be added to the title match in the main event.


Jeff Hardy cuts another one of his backstage promos where he talks about Independence Day, Hardy turns to reveal he has USA inspired face paint, his open challenge is next.

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It’s none other than The Miz who answers Jeff Hardy’s challenge this week and he is almost hit by a Swanton Bomb early but Miz escapes to the outside just in time. Back from the break and Hardy has got the fans screaming “Delete,” but Miz gets his first bit of offense of the match as he boots Hardy in the face and begins working on Jeff’s back.

Miz hit Jeff with a shot to the midriff but Hardy then smartly blocked several punches before hitting an Atomic Drop which was followed by a low dropkick but Miz kicked out at two. Hardy then sends Miz crashing to the outside and follows that up with a baseball slide. Jeff then attempts to run and jump from the stairs onto The Miz but he avoids it and shoves Hardy into the barricade.

Back in the ring and Miz and Hardy exchange blows as they begin to show the wounds of the war and Hardy is forced to whip Miz away as he looks for his finisher. The Hardyac Arrest is then avoided as Miz plants the champion with a great looking DDT that forces Hardy to make a late kick out.

Miz then climbs to the top turnbuckle but misses and Jeff shows him how its done as he hits Whisper In The Wind. Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate but Miz reverses with a roll-up and attempts to cheat by putting his feet on the ropes but gets caught and then walks back into a Twist Of Fate. Jeff follows it up with a Swanton Bomb and Jeff Hardy remains your United States Champion.

Winner and still champion: Jeff Hardy

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