WWE Raw Results(8/5): New Tag Team Champions Crowned, Trish Stratus Returns To In Ring Action, Goldberg Returns!

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August 5th, 2019
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We start the show with all of the superstars standing on the entrance ramp as the bell is tolled 10 times in remembrance of the victims of the shootings that took place in El Paso, TX & Dayton OH.


As we are treated to a brand new intro, we are interrupted by Samoa Joe who is LIVID with the accusations that he is involved at all with the attack of Roman Reigns that we saw last week on Smackdown LIVE. They show the footage, and he says that his good name is besmirched, and he will go down to the ring until his name is cleared and he gets an apology.

He is interrupted by Becky Lynch, who makes her way to the ring for a match!


Natalya starts the match with Becky Lynch, and we end in a stalemate with he women pushing each other. Natalya gets the advantage then works on the arm of Becky, but Becky is able to get out and tag Charlotte in. Charlotte kicks Natalya, and then begins to chop her. Natalya tries to get away by Irish Whipping Charlotte in the corner, but Charlotte comes back out and hits Natalya with a BIG boot to the face of Natalya.

Charlotte starts to gloat at Trish, then starts to rag doll Natalya around. Natalya tires to fight out, but Charlotte clotheslines her back to the mat. Charlotte pretends to go for the tag, but then Charlotte pulls her hand away from Becky and tells her to kiss her ass. Natalya tries to fight back with a forearm, but Charlotte comes back with forearms of her own. Natalya sweeps her legs and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte gets out. She looks to run off the ropes and get Natalya, but Becky tags herself in.

Becky looks to get at Natalya, but she’s attacked from behind by Charlotte and Charlotte walks away. Natalya takes advantage and locks in the Sharpshooter. She lock it in deep and Becky gets to the ropes. Becky grabs on tight, but Natalya won’t let go! The referee counts to 5 and is forced to disqualify Natalya and Natalya STILL won’t let go. Trish Stratus comes and pulls her off and Natalya pushes Trish down before she leaves the ring. Charlotte and Becky are announced as the winners.

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