Welsh city elects world's first nonbinary mayor

Bangor, the oldest city in Wales, is now believed to be the world’s first city to elect an openly nonbinary mayor.

Owen Hurcum, 22, is also the youngest mayor in Welsh history. They had been a city councillor for fours years prior to their election, the Evening Standard reported on Wednesday.

“When I came out two years ago I was so worried I’d be ostracized by my community or worse,” Hurcum wrote on Twitter earlier this week. “Today my community elected me Mayor of our great City,” they added.


“I just want to say a huge diolch to all the lovely messages that are still coming in,” they added, using the Welsh word for thank you. “I know representation is not just putting on the chain and Ill be judged by what we do as a team for Bangor during my year in office, but still, Im glad my election has resonated with so many.”

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Hurcum, a recent graduate, had reportedly already served as deputy mayor and chair of the committee for the council.