WATCH: Jeff Jarrett Recalls His Emotional Encounter with Vince McMahon at WWE Hall of Fame Rehearsal

TMZ spoke with 2018 WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett following this past weekend’s ceremony, and during the brief interview Jarrett recalls his emotional encounter with Vince McMahon at the ceremony.

“They called me back later in the day and said ‘hey, we want to go through just the top of your speech, and that’s where I had the idea where I came out spelling my name”, revealed Jarrett. “And I came out of the curtain to walk through, and I laid it all out there, and it’s ‘ok you can cut that’, and I turn around and Vince [McMahon] is two feet in front of my face.

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“And I’ll never forget that, ever”, Jarrett continued. “Because it was so out of left field, so spontaneous. WrestleMania is his baby, and this is number 34, so down to the “T” on everything is thought through…So for me to connect with him on the stage where I got to do the speech, it was surreal. And it was quick, but a real special conversation. A real personal conversation.”

You can watch the entire reflection from Jarrett in the video above, and below is footage of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees receiving their rings, and a second video of Jarrett reacting to his night.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon & WWE COO Triple H present the Class of 2018 with their official WWE Hall of Fame rings.

Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg talk about the personal nature of opening up to the WWE Universe during the Hall of Fame Ceremony.