Watch: Brand New Being The Elite “Brass Rings,” Cody Receives A Mysterious Letter, Flip Gordon Returns

The latest episode of Being The Elite has been uploaded to YouTube, with the Young Bucks posting this weeks video a day early for fans to enjoy.

On episode 122 of Being The Elite, named “Brass Rings,” the group have continued plugging all of the current storylines, with the main focal point obviously being around whether or not the group will join WWE.

In the episode, Marty Scurll continues to push the idea of his New Years Day party, whilst Cody Rhodes and Frankie Kazarian stop mid-match to plug their new cigar company.

As well as that, Flip Gordon makes his return to the show for the first time since ALL IN, with the Young Bucks admitting they felt his character peaked at that point, encouraging him to grab the brass ring, which Gordon attempts to do.

Finally, the latest mysterious note from “H” is given to Cody Rhodes this week, with the former WWE Superstar teasing a return of his old gimmick, Stardust. You can check out the full episode below:

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