Reported Reason Why WWE Pulled NXT UK Stars From Upcoming Southside Event

According to a report by, there is a distinct reason as to why WWE has made the decision to pull its NXT UK talents from Southside Wrestling.

The final ever Southside Wrestling event is set to take place on 10/26 and was going to feature a variety of NXT UK talents such as; Ligero, Kay Lee Ray, Joseph Connors, Xia Brookside, Ilja Draganov and Saxton Huxley, but WWE pulled all of them from the show.

According to a report by, the upcoming merge between Southside and Revolution Pro is the reason for this decision.

RevPro recently had an incident involving performer, Josh Bodom where he attacked referee, Aaren Wilde, after the match, beating him on the outside of the ring.

According to the report, that incident led to WWE pulling the talents from the show after they found out about the incident, with WWE not wanting to risk any of its talents.

All Elite Wrestling did end up stepping in to help Southside Wrestling and they will be sending MJF, Shawn Spears, and Cody & Brandi Rhodes to the event to help them out.

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