Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère: “It’s no longer acceptable.”

Speaking the day after the violent events during Köln’s visit to face Nice at the Allianz Riviera, OGC Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère said that such scenes are not acceptable. 

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Köln fans crossed the Allianz Riviera to confront the small number of Nice ultras, who had already taken up their seats for the match, launching projectiles and flares at them. 32 people were injured in the violent confrontations that ensued, including a Parisian, who was in the Köln stand and is now in critical condition after having fallen five feet from a stand. 

Questioned about last night’s events, Rivère said, “I think our sports minister has summed it all up. He’s had enough. When you experience it live it’s terrible. When you experience it again the day after for a second time, with hindsight, it’s even worse because you see the terrible images.”

He continued, “It’s no longer possible. It’s not possible. Football is a sport, a game. We welcome families and children. It’s no longer acceptable.”