Mojo Rawley Tweets About His Absence From WWE RAW, Possibly a Message to Triple H?

WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley recently posted a very curious Tweet. In the Tweet, Rawley lists the ups and downs from various stages of his athletic career. He ends the message with the fact that he hasn’t appeared on Monday Night Raw in months.

While the Tweet appears to simply be motivational at first glance, WWE fans may see something more. In the Tweet, Mojo includes a photo of himself wielding a sledgehammer. Is this a message to Triple H?

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The sledgehammer is Triple H’s weapon of choice and has been for years. Hunter’s character has used it in matches and has used it to blindside his opponents out of the ring as well. Considering The Game’s position as a corporate figure behind the scenes, it’s possible that Mojo’s pic was a direct message regarding his absence from the red brand.

Many WWE fans believed that Rawley was indeed headed for big things. The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner indeed seemed to be in a good spot at one time. He definitely has the athleticism and personality to be a success in WWE.

But what he doesn’t seem to have is the support of the company. Whether or not his Tweet will speed up the process to get him back on Raw remains to be seen.

Got rejected by every college I applied to. Earned a Masters at age 21 anyway.

Given 0 athletic scholarships. Became a starter.

Wasn’t drafted in the NFL. Signed 2 contracts anyway.

The hard road will always be overcome.

Haven’t been on Raw in months. Think that’ll stop me?

— Dean Muhtadi (@MojoRawleyWWE) December 8, 2018