Edge Confirms Nobody Has Written Any Promos For Him Since Returning

The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, recently spoke with Inside The Ropes ahead of WWE WrestleMania 36, and he discussed the promos he has been doing lately.

Both Edge and Randy Orton have been putting in some incredible work to build towards the match that will take place tonight, and Edge confirmed they’ve been left alone to work it.

“[Randy Orton and I] have been left alone. I’ve been doing this from 25 years, Randy’s been doing it for 20. Nobody is gonna write a promo for me,” Edge stated.

When it comes to writing his own promos and doing that work, Edge spoke about how it took him years of proving himself to get that trust.

 “I don’t work well that way and I think everyone understands that. But, it took years and years of proving it. So, if you try it and fall flat on your face, you might not get that chance again. But, over the years, I was allowed to fall flat on my face a bunch. We were given the freedom to do that then, which is amazing. Now, I don’t know how much of that freedom is given to new people coming in. I’m not in that situation. I just know the situation I’m in, and I love it, because all I do is read, write, creating in my mind. All I do is think of stories, how they can play out, layers, what drives a character to do this, what drives a character to react that way. Why did the actor make that decision? Why did would the script read this way? Those are the questions constantly going on in my brain. That’s how I try and peel back and dissect things. In doing that, it feels like training to comeback to wrestling and I really feel like now I have this whole arsenal that I didn’t necessarily have before. Nine years from reps on television and movie sets has been indispensable. Once you’re trained, get acting classes, because it is glaring who can and who can’t.”

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