AAW Legacy Results (12/2): First Ever Women’s Champion Crowned! Hurricane Helms In Action, Something Survives

AAW Legacy Results
December 2nd, 2017
Report by Doug Enriquez for

I had the pleasure of once again attending an AAW show, this time in LaSalle, IL at the Knights of Columbus Hall. The show, as usual did not disappoint, and we saw the first ever Women’s Champion in AAW crowned. Be sure to check out the gallery below the detailed results.


Probably my only complaint about the show as it was the wrong choice to start the show , since this match never really found its pacing. Kay took early advantage of Heights and knocks her to the outside. She delivered a couple of loud chops to Heights against the barricade that echoed throughout the building. Heights regained control on the outside and staggered Kay, and went back in the ring and hit Kay with a suicide dive.

Back in the ring, Heights is able to continue to take the fight to Kay and attempts a crossbody, but is caught by Kay who delivers a Fallaway slam. Kay begins to take it to Heights, using some underhanded tactics including scaling Heights’ face across the ropes. Kay picks up Heights in a fireman’s carry position but heights is able to to slither out and deliver a backstabber.

The match ends after Kay is able to regain the advantage and deliver a Kryptonite Krunch for the victory.


Fantastic match in one that really wowed the crowd. We saw a veteran in AR Fox taking on two up and comers in Guerava and Reed. The match started with a there-way test of strength, but Sammy stopped to flex to the fans, but Myron Reed made him pay for it with a kick to the midsection. Fox & Reed exchange kicks to a downed Guerava to the point where Sammy had to yell “STOP”, but neither Fox nor Reed listen and both men superkick Sammy in the face, leaving Fox and Reed in the ring.

AR Fox chants start to fill LaSalle, and both men start to show their athleticism, seeing counter after counter and flipping around the ring. Eventually Fox grabs Reed’s hand and starts to climb the ropes with it, but Sammy comes back in the ring and takes Reed down and in turn, Fox down with them.

The math continued in impressive fashion on the outside with Fox gaining control, tossing both men into the crowd over the barricade. See the pictures below to get a view of Fox climbing the top rope and hitting an impressive splash onto both Reed and Guerava, and all three men laying on the ground after the chaos.

The match ended after Fox was able to hit a Spanish fly to Guerava to pick up the victory.


I knew this match was going to be good, but didn’t think it could be this good with how different the men are in styles. The crowd was very hot for both men, with exchanging chants of “bro” and “Go GO ACH” and eventually the crowd started with “Bro Bro ACH”. Quite entertaining. It led to the men embracing in a hug, but Riddle quickly turned it into an overhead belly to belly, tossing ACH across the ring.Riddle starts to deliver some chops to ACH but ACH turns it around with chops of his won.

Riddle started playing the heel in this match, which was surprising from the King of Bros, but he did it well, telling the crowd to shut up when they started chanting for ACH. The match made its way to the outside, and really both men just started to brawl, even making their way exchanging shots, chops, and kicks. Eventually the match made it back into the ring where both men started to brawl again, and ACH was able to hit Riddle with a forearm to the face in the corner. flooring Riddle. Fortunately for Riddle, he was able to move out of the way from a top rope frog splash that ACH tried to hit and he picked up ACH for  Bro To Sleep, and then turn it into a beautiful German suplex with a bridge. ACH was able to kick out at two, but Riddle was clearly frustrated, putting ACH in the corner and stomping on his head  with his bare foot.

Riddle picked up ACH, still in the corner and started to deliver chop after chop after chop until the decided to put ACH on the top rope for a superplex, but ACH was able to push Riddle off, sending him crashing to the mat in perfect position to hit a frog splash, and go for the pin, but Riddle STILL kicked out at two. Both men are exhausted and suddenly the bell rang, and we had apparently reached the 15 minute time limit. The men continued to brawl after the announcement, with referees needing to separate the two men, who were rolling around the ring exchanging blows.

After they were separated, Riddle gets on the mic to tell ACH in a profanity filled promo that they should keep going, and will gladly go again anytime, anywhere. ACH says that he will gladly take him on because ACH is his home. Riddle pushes ACH and leaves the ring.


The Hooligans are super over in LaSalle, and the match starts furiously with everyone attacked each other all at once. This match is exactly what you’d expect it, with high flying but with the Hooligans doing their comedic offense near the end.

The two biggest spots of the match came when Stephen Wolf did a summersault plancha over the ringpost from the ring knocking down everyone and nearly the entire tron/entrance area in the process. Several crew members has to immediately go hold it up and stabilize it.

The second couldn’t be given as much credit as it’s due in this writing, but came Stephen Wolf went to deliver another plancha to the entrance way onto the remaining 7 men when Jake Crist runs off the apron and catches Wolf in midair in a cutter and lands on all the remaining men. WOW.

The finish came when Airbuds were able to hit their elevated knee doomsday device.


Trevor is a good heel. Period. He comes out when his music hits and his face is full of utter disdain for the crowd. Trevor gets on the mic and tells the crowd to cheer for the Hurricane. He gives Shane a hug and tells him it’s so good to see him and now that they got their pop, they should just go because LaSalle is the B show and the Chicago crowd is the A show. He asks Shane to do him this favor and he will get him just job back at Impact. He tells him to not listen to what the crowd has to say because they’re the B crowd.

Shane gets on the mic and says he is not going to lay down for Trevor’s hairy ass. He used to mentor Trevor and tell him things he should do, but Trevor used to say “that this is his style”, but he’s never heard or “basic bitch” as a style. The crowd starts chanting “basic bitch” at Trevor and Trevor becomes enraged and tells Shane that he is the reason Helms got fired in the first place. He tries to surprise Helms with a kick, but Helms catches it and starts to take Trevor Lee down. The Hurricane quickly goes for a choke slam, but he is taken down from behind from fellow WRSTLING member to Trevor Lee, David Starr. Starr and Lee start stomping on Helms, but Jimmy Jacobs came out to make the save on The Hurricane, but WRSTLING quickly make their way to the ring and begin their retreat to the back. Jimmy Jacobs challenges both men to an impromptu tag team match, which begins immediately.

Match 5: WRSTLING (Trevor Lee & David Starr) defeated SHANE “HURRICANE” HELMS & JIMMY JACOBS via submission 

Lee and Starr get into the ring and Helms and Jacobs quickly take control, smashing lee and Starr into each other. We see great tag team work between Jacobs and Helms, who at one point even stopped to pose in the traditional Hurricane pose.

Back and forth match but Starr is able to take full control of Jimmy Jacobs and wrench down on his arm. Starr tags in Lee who continues the beatdown on Jacobs. Jacobs gets Irish whipped into the turnbuckle but is able to stop his momentum and bounce himself off the 2nd turnbuckle to get a cutter on Lee. This allows Jacobs to get the tag on The Hurricane, who takes down Starr but Trevor Lee ruins his momentum. There is some miscommunication between Starr and Lee which leads to Lee clotheslining Starr in the corner when he was trying to hold the Hurricane down to hit him. This gives The Hurricane enough time to set both men up in choke slam position, and Jimmy Jacobs spears Lee out of his hand and drives him into the mat and The Hurricane delivers his choke slam to David Starr.

The Hurricane is about to pick up the victory, but Trevor Lee grabs the ring bell long enough to distract The Hurricane and the referee, and Starr takes advantage and hits a low blow on The Hurricane, and then Lee enters the ring and knocks out Helms with a ring bell to the head. Starr puts Helms in his devastating rear chin lock and the referee is forced to call for the bell since the Hurricane could not respond to him.


Scramble rules in this match and the match starts with the heels taking control and beating each of their opponents into the corner. All 4 heels Irish whip their opponents into the center of the ring, but instead Something, Nasty, Brubaker, and Durst all go crashing into each other.

Notable spots:

Zero Gravity nearly killed an audience member in the front row after hitting a suicide dive that nearly missed their targetsKodi Rice, who is no small man, hit a suicide dive of his own, taking down just about everyoneJake Something, impressive again, shows his strength and picks up Kodi for a type of Michinoku Driver

Order of Elimination

Kobe Durst first eliminatedKodi Rice eliminated by Jake SomethingMike Hartenbower eliminated by Buck NastyBuck Nasty eliminated by Zero GravityBrett Gakiya eliminated by Nick BrubakerBrubaker eliminated by CJ EsparzaCJ Esparza eliminated by Jake Something

Once again, it seems that AAW is starting to put more behind Jake Something, and it is well deserved as the Big Man is impressive in the ring, has a catchy catch phrase, and good look. Last week he was the one to pick up the pin in his tag team match, and this week he is the SOLE survivor in this elimination match. My only hope is that he is put in a singles match soon so we can see what he can really do, as he has been impressive as Glory Pro’s Crown Of Glory Champion.

Match 7: AAW Heritage Championship: DJ Z(c) vs. ETHAN PAGE

This crowd is very hot for the new AAW Heritage champion, DJZ, and DJ Z enters the ring in his wildly entertaining ring gear that literally lights up the room. DJ Z gets the early advantage but is taken away quickly by Page who hits a back elbow against  a charging DJ Z. DJ Z starts to get worn down by Page with kicks, stomps, and then is hit with a low drop kick. Page tries to hit DJ Z with a superplex, but DJ Z thankfully is able to reverse, hitting a nice sunset flip powerbomb.

Page quickly rolls out of the ring, but that really isn’t a place to get away from DJ Z, who charges at Page and hits a crazy suicide dive. DJ Z throws Page into the crowd in the same place where AR Fox hit his opponents in an earlier match, except DJ Z got a running head start and dove over the barricade onto Page, sending both men crashing to the ground (and honestly DJ Z may have even gotten the worst of it).

The two men begin fighting through the crowd and even start to fight on top of the bar before the building staff forced them to get down. Page and DJ Z made their way back ringside and Page has full control of DJ Z, able to hit a worn out DJ Z with a Last Ride Powerbomb onto the ring apron, sending DJ Z crashing onto the floor.

The match finally made its way back into the ring, and DJ Z was able to pick up a victory by hitting Ethan Page with a surprise ZDT.

Match 8: Tag Team Championship: THE BESTIES IN THE WORLD defeated KEITH LEE & SHANE STRICKLAND 

Both teams are super charismatic and the crowd loves to hate Davey Vega, and that includes yours truly. He does a great job of instigating the crowd and being a sniveling heel.

Vega and Strickland start the match and Vega starts by cowarding his way around the ring to get away from Strickland, but is eventually caught back in the ring by Strickland, who hits a monkey flip on Vega. Both men get back on their feet and Vega is cocky, while Fitchett is respectful and tells him not to be such an asshat.

Lee gets tagged in and starts to own Vega, and Vega hilariously tries to pick up Keith Lee, but falls to his knees in defeat. Vega tags in Fitchett who really has no better luck, and cannot move the big man. Fitchett tries chopping down Lee, but they are like mosquito bites and Lee answers back who two double handed chops that were so loud they hurt my soul.

Lee tags in Strickland and Fitchett takes the mayor of Swerve City by surprise and starts to come back, but Keith Lee comes back from behind and just plows down Fitchett. Ouch. Surprisingly enough, Shane Strickland slows down the pace of the match, wrenching on Fitchett’s arm with an arm bar. Fitchett is able to work his way out of it thought and gets a hot tag to Vega, and the Besties are rolling, taking Strickland out and able to double team Keith Lee even delivering a tandem dropkick/cannonball.

The match makes it way to the outside, and Vega is able to hit Keith Lee with a big superkick to the face flooring the big man. The match really starts to pick up here, and Strickland throws Vega into the audience and sits him on a steel chair. Strickland gets on the top rope with Vega still seated on the chair and Fitchett tries to save his partner from impending doom, but is met with a kick to the face from Strickland, and turns around to get caught in a devastating powerbomb to the apron from Lee. Strickland, still on the top hits a leaping double stomp onto Vega that had the crowd in awe, sending both men to the floor.

Strickland and Lee now back in the ring really taking it to Fitchett and begin to set him up with a powerbomb, double stomp from the top rope combo, but Vega is able to collect himself and bring a chair with him. Vega gets there too late and Lee & Strickland hit Fitchett with the maneuver, but Vega gets back in the ring and hits the men with his steel chair, and steals another victory by rolling up Keith Lee. Fantastic match and Vega makes his way to the back posing with his championship.

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Match 9: AAW Women’s Championship: JESSICKA HAVOK defeated RACHAEL ELLERING and IVELISSE

With Candace LaRae not being able to participate in the show, we saw a triple threat match that told a story. It was a quick story, but effective with Ivelisse and Rachael Ellering trying to team up to take out Havok in this elimination match. Special kudos to Rachael Ellering, who was wrestling with a broken nose and put off surgery to participate in this important match for the company.

The match started with a quick knockdown from Havok, but the other two women began double teaming her with chops, strikes, and more but Havok is able to come back with a double clothesline, flooring both women. Havok goes for another double clothesline and falls out of the ring.

Ivelisse and Ellering still in the ring start to go one on one, and Ellering puts Ivelisse in a full nelson trying to submit her, but we hear Havok let out a terrifying scream and takes both women out. Ivelisse rolls out of the ring and watches the other women go at it. Ellering has impressive strength and picks up Jessicka Havok in a fireman’s carry position and hits her with a TKO, but Havok had the ring awareness to roll out of the ring. Out of nowhere, Ivelisse  was waiting for her opportunity and rolls up Ellering to eliminate her.

Havok comes back in the ring and lets out another terrifying scream and makes short work of Ivelisse, and finishes up the match by hitting Ivelisse with a top rope tombstone piledriver to become the first ever AAW Women’s Champion.

After the match, Allysin Kay comes out to congratulate Jessicka Havok, and says that she is her friend and that Havok really took Kay under her wing and appreciates that. Then she turns and says that now she has to prove she is a fighting champion and defend her championship when they return to LaSalle in February. Kay slaps Havok in the face and exits the ring and ends the show.